johanna müller

who the f*** is karen? (don’t show feelings), 4k video, cinemascope, 15’, film poster, 2022 (upcoming)

how to sleep 8 hours in 4 hours, hd video, 16:9, 15‘20“ (loop), film still, 2019 (audio mix by giuliano sulzberger, drums by mattia ferrari, acapella mr. sandman by tobias stuber)

mutable set 3, ceramics, three different clay types with and without shamots, glazed or unglazed, staged on whitepaper, 2021 (exhibition view, villa sträuli, winterthur, 2021) 

mutable life (farewell quilt), textile printing on satin, 120 x 480 cm, 2022 © fabian stamm

handstörungen, scanography, 210 x 297 mm, serie of 5, 2018

i worked out today and now I’m posing with my art piece, midjourney ai generated pictures, selection, 2022 (upcoming)

what if i was wrong about what jesus looks like, hd video, 16:9, 8’16”, film still, 2021 (not published yet) (music and audio mix by giuliano sulzberger, drums by mattia ferrari, synth sounds by daniel gisler)

mutable set 1, ceramics, glazed porcelain on textile printing on silk, 2020

schwarzer fettklumpen (fatberg 1), reservage, 210 x 148 mm, 2017