johanna müller

mutable life (farewell quilt), textile printing on satin, 120 x 480 cm, 2022 © fabian stamm

mutable set 3, ceramics, three different clay types with and without shamots, glazed or unglazed, staged on whitepaper, 2021 (situation of december 24th: studio view) 

mutable set 1, ceramics, glazed porcelain on textile printing on silk, 2020

who the f*** is karen? (don’t show feelings), video, 2022 (upcoming)

how to sleep 8 hours in 4 hours,

hd video, 15‘20“ (loop), film still, 2019 (sound design & mixing by giuliano sulzberger, drums by mattia ferrari, acapella mr. sandman by tobias stuber)

schwarzer fettklumpen (fatberg 1), reservage, 210 x 148 mm, 2017

handstörungen, scanography, 210 x 297 mm, serie of 5, 2018

walled garden (getting on together) III, digital painting, textile printing on shower curtain fabric, two-piece, 300 x 200 cm, vizualisation, 2021

digital sculpture no.1, hd video, 3‘27“ (loop), film still, 2018 
sound design & mixing by giuliano sulzberger

how to fit in, ink on paper, ~178 x 249 mm, serie of 5, 2018