johanna müller

blue, blue ink and acrylics on paper, digital editing, 148 x 210 mm, 2020 (new year card sujet for the city council of winterthur)

performance for music video where were you by hathors, with riccarda naef & sandra keller, film still, 2020 © steve gullick

performance at mama jefferson diploma show, with riccarda naef, 45’, mehrspur zurich, 2018 © paul märki

new year’s greetings zhaw health, video, editing & sound design, music by giuliano sulzberger, film still, 2021blue world (L), shower curtain, 150 x 200 cm, digital painting, textile printing on shower curtain fabric (polyester), visualization, 2021

radio stadtfilter tastenwoche 2021, flyer & poster design, digital painting & graphic design, 2021