johanna müller

neujahrskarte 2021 (well done), postcard, digital painting, collage & graphic design, 2020 

jöffels löffel,
collage & graphic design, studio banner, 2020

competence-oriented teaching and learning in higher education – essentials (heinz bachmann), graphic design & editing, teaser, film still, 2019
voice over by benjamin flumm, drums by mattia ferrari

diskuthek – sucht oder geht noch einer?, poster, collage & graphic design, albani music club, 2018

diskuthek – männlichkeit 2.0, postcard, poster, collage & graphic design, albani music club, 2018

albanski arenski, f4 poster, collage & graphic design, albani music club, 2018

contessa di gonggong
, press photography, 2021

contessa di gonggong, musicvideo, foundfootage, editing & cut for madrugada, salida & el camino, 2020 - today
drums by mattia ferrari, bass by severin graf, guitar by giuliano sulzberger

pancha hand towel for aaron wegmann
, textile printing on cotton, sewn with the great help of my mum, 2021 (upcoming)

aaon wegmann – pancha, lp poster design, 50 x 50 cm, 2020 (upcoming)

aaron wegmann (pancha), 10” vinyl gatefold, graphic & poster design, 2020 (cover photography by mirjana markovic) (upcoming)

sexy times, digital flyer, collage & graphic design, 2020

elephant in the room, filmposter, collage & graphic design, 2019

hathors – grief, roses & gasoline, 12” vinyl gatefold & cd with booklet, graphic design, 2020 (photography by steve gullick)

#johannamuellerceramics, eight bowls, grey stoneware clay, coil technique, design 1: transparent glossy glaze on the interior & indian blue glossy drips on the exterior, design 2: indian blue glossy glaze on the interior & left raw on the exterior, volume 400ml, height 8cm, diameter 15cm, 2021

porch house recording studio, logo design, gif, 2019

kate birch (sound of the city), website backdrop, collage, gif, 2020

neujahrskarte 2020 (so what), postcard, collage & graphic design, textfragmente: beni bischof, 2019 

jeu d’atmosphère – masterrezital von meredith kuliew, postcard, collage, 2019

andrina bollinger, postcard, graphic design, 2019

how to sleep 8 hours in 4 hours, filmposter, collage, 2019

80’s party, backdrop, 10 x 2.5 m, collage, salzhaus winterthur, 2019

diskuthek – frenemismus mit dem feind ins bett, postcard, poster, collage & graphic design, albani music club, 2018

diskuthek – generation i give a fuck, postcard, poster, collage & graphic design, albani music club, 2018